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Michelle A. Roberts, affirmations, leadership, success coach, Christian author, Christian non-fiction, books
Anna's Journey
by Anna Renault

Anna’s Journey will have you wondering how many lives does one person get.  The book chronicles Anna Renault's many trials and tribulations through life, including various near-death experiences and multiple bouts with cancer.


Anna Renault, Cancer survivor, health, near-death experience, Catholic author, Christian books, Christian non-fiction
THE OTHER PULPIT:  Life Lessons of a Leader!
by Pastor Steve L. Turner

THE OTHER PULPIT:  Life Lessons of a Leader! is a riveting, powerful and often humorous look into the lives of a single mother and her only child who grew to become an artist, minister and entrepreneur.  This thought-provoking story describes the inspiration and determination of a single mother whose Godly and practical wisdom resulted in unforgettable life lessons for both her and her son.  Challenged by education, racial prejudice, poverty and religious judging, this single mom pressed on for the purpose of offering her son to the Work of God.  Will God accept him?  After all, he is the product of a forbidden ...

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