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A Heart for GED: Instructors Speak

 Have you ever wondered what it is like to teach an ABE/GED class? This collection of short stories, creative essays and poems offers first-hand accounts by ABE/GED instructors of some of their funniest, scariest and most inspirational teaching moments. Get ready to shake your head in wonder or laugh out loud as this little book tugs at your heart strings!

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What are readers saying about A Heart for GED:  Instructors Speak?

"I had a good belly laugh and nearly cried while reading some of these stories. It was a quick and interesting read!."


- Rochele L..

"Lynn Pinder has been a staple in our field throughout both DC and MD! This book shows her passion not just for adult ed but for her colleagues... Giving them a platform for their stories as well!."

- Daquanna H.

"The diversity of the stories sparks recognition by GED teachers and non-teachers alike.  Relationships and personal reflections within the stories evoke all of the emotions that range from despair to exhilaration.  Each writer has a voice that comes out clearly, and reaches the hearts and minds of the readers.  The readers feel like they know the teachers and the students.  This is a warm-hearted and poignant book that all should read.  We all need to understand the challenges of the teachers and the students within the GED world as they reflect the realities of human emotions whether in a GED program or not."


- Christina S.

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